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Accounts Staff from the Merchandising/Licensing Industry

Job Mode :Permanent Job
Published On :2008-10-08
Last Application Date :0 days remaining (2008-12-27)
Category :Accountancy (Accounts Admin)
Pay Rate :Maximum £35,000 plus bonus and benefits
Location :London, near Euston and King’s Cross
City :London
Country :UK
Job Posted By:Parham Consulting
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Job Description

Accounts Staff from the Merchandising/Licensing Industry required for I.T. Client Relationship Management


If you currently work in the brand merchandising/licensing industry, how do you fancy a move to the “other side of the fence” as it were, to service a client base consisting of some of the biggest names in the entertainment and licensing industry, such as Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, MTV, Mattel and Harley Davidson?


What we have here is the world leader in the provision of software systems to the music, entertainment and licensing industry. They are a software house with a range of products and this vacancy relates to their Contract Management System product aimed specifically at the licensing industry (for a definition of “licensing” in this context, see A good example of merchandising/licensing is when a range of toys or products are released to promote a film or TV series, e.g. Star Wars, Toy Story, Transformers, The Simpsons, etc. ).


They are seeking an individual to assist their clients through all stages of the supply process, from sales support (this is NOT a sales position – there will be no sales pressure on you!) to implementation, installation, configuration, project management, training, quality assurance and then support & client relationship management post-implementation. The sales support aspect of the role consists of simply demonstrating the product, NOT selling it! Therefore, we need a confident individual who would relish the prospect of going out and meeting clients, not someone for whom this would be a concern.

Yes, this is an I.T. position as the implementation we’re talking about is the implementation of software products but no, you do not need I.T. technical skills (although that would help – computer literacy would be useful).


This company is looking for INDUSTRY experience – someone from the brand merchandising/licensing industry, not necessarily a technical person.

Consequently, the profile of person they are looking for is as follows:

At least 3 years experience working in the brand merchandising/licensing industry in finance or as an accountant, gaining strong experience in royalties as a result. For example, a royalty administrator from the brand merchandising/licensing industry would be ideal.

Please note, the above experience is essential. We require someone specifically from the merchandising or licensing industry and you must match the above profile in order to be eligible for this role.

Desirable, but not essential, is experience in Rights Management, Contract Management or Royalty Processing Software specific to the brand merchandising/licensing industry. If you are lacking this experience, then we require more industry experience, at least 4 to 5 years, as opposed to the 3-year minimum mentioned above.


The opportunities here are huge, instead of the “glass ceilings” that one can encounter in the large blue-chips! First of all, this is a genuine ground-floor opportunity as you would be the first employee of this type, so prospects here are to grow a team beneath you further down the line. At the moment, one of the directors is doing all the sales and he needs someone to help implement what he’s sold! There is a wide variety of tasks here, you certainly won’t get bored! You will be dealing with a large number of clients, many of them major names in the industry. This is a chance to learn a great deal more about the licensing industry from “the outside in”.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a specific requirement for accountancy or finance staff from the merchandising or licensing industry. Please be aware that there is no point in applying if you do not match the above criteria.

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